“Love yourself, take care of yourself, be kind to yourself”

Meet Whitney

Whitney began her journey with yoga back in 2014. She was not happy and was constantly trying to find herself. Then one day it just clicked.

She is currently 500 Hr registered yoga teacher trained in Power Vinyasa, Hatha, and  Ashtanga Yoga. Whitney has traveled to Rishikesh, India to study yoga.

She offers yoga, meditation, sound baths, and assisted stretch. Others that have worked with her complements as being vibrant, free spirit, courageous, beautiful, and strong woman!

Serving in LA – “Orange County” 

in person


Why Choose me?

One of my callings in life is to help individuals become more enlightened. Through a mindfulness approach. I have unique touch and powerful energy in all my services that I offer.


I offer a wide modality of yoga styles, meditation, and stretch sessions:

-Power Vinyasa Yoga
More of a workout

– Yin Yoga
Relaxing and helps with flexibility

-Hatha Yoga
Focus on breath and builds strength

– Assisted Stretch
I use long static holds and PNF method. Allows for mobility in joints and flexibility in muscles.

– Sound Bath
Relaxing and calming experience. The body responds to frequencies. The frequencies are created when the Crystal Singing Bowls are played. The end result leads to a wonderful meditative state of being.

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga & Sound bath

Yoga, Meditation and Sound bath

Assisted Stretch


“Very attentive to detail and patient.”

“Certainly one of the best yoga classes I’ve ever done. Whitney was fun, patient, and lovely. I’d say I’m still a bit of a beginner and have been trying to find a class that I can manage with a great atmosphere and I hit a home run with Whitney.

I liked the pace of the class and when she had to correct my technique I didn’t feel picked on. My core needs strengthening and after my first session, the next few days I felt it. But the best part is I didn’t feel like I was dying while I was doing the exercise. That’s great implementation.

Plus the music she plays is dope. Now I look forward to my sessions. I highly recommend!”

“Assisted Stretch Whitney has great attention to detail and knows my limit without me telling her.”

“Very great at making the body feels great. My lower back pain goes away right after my session!”